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Stone + Sparrow Gift Guide 2020

It's been a crazy year. We have all spent more time in our homes than ever before. And now? The holidays are upon us. We may not be able to give hugs out freely, but take a deep breath because we've got you covered with a few things anyone on your holiday list will love.

We're here to give you gifts that keep on giving. No coughing or sneezing - just a little gift guide featuring some of our best hits and complementary goods from other makers that we love.


The Evergreen Holiday Gift Box

Pre-packed gift box with a large journal from Gingerly Press, a set of slatted coasters from Hanna Dausch, and a k-grip mug from Stone + Sparrow.

The Evergreen box is the perfect one-hit-wonder - but in a good way. This pre-packed gift box includes a large journal from Gingerly Press, a set of slatted coasters from Hanna Dausch, and a k-grip mug from us - all for $125. The Evergreen box is available in two styles: Maple + Walnut. Each piece is proudly handcrafted out of Pittsburgh, PA but shipped US-wide.

the Coffee Lover

Whether you're treating yourself or someone else, we have a few suggestions.

Coffee Systems

The Pour-over carafe is inspired by the Chemex system but made out of sleek brown speckled stoneware. Its a great addition to any morning routine and works with standard Chemex filters. Plus, each purchase comes with a Stone + Sparrow Desert Rise bandana! Use the bandana as your tea towel, wrap a gift with it, or wear it!

Snag one or all of this cookies n' cream pour-over set. Use the pour-over cone with the carafe to make a large batch or use it with a mug for a single cup. If the hairpin mug isn't quite your style, check out its shorter sibling or our other cookies n' cream mugs like the k-grip and the El Classico mug in white. The holiday's are for family after all!

Top it all off with a bag of The Highland Blend - Verve coffee from Adda Coffeehouse.

Mugs for all

Can you ever have too many mugs? We don't think so. Here are some of our current favorites:

We cant get enough of this latest addition to our K-grip family. The rustic finish is homey and endearing. This is a fawn-grey color but its also variegated, which is a fancy word for "exhibiting different colors." While most are a warm grey, some blushed a little pink at the edges. You are getting a truly unique mug with this one.

Are you a vanilla or chocolate type? Why decide? These sweet mugs give you the perfect flavor swirl. Snag one for a co-worker or one for your roommate so they'll shop stealing yours.

Not feelin' fancy? Go with the El Classico. Tried and true for every drink or occasion.

The Green Thumb

Whether you have a green thumb or are a newbie to the plant world, we've got great planter selections on the site.

Minimalist brown stoneware planter with easy pour-off drainage

A two-piece stackable planter that gives your plants room to spread their roots and grow. The separate basin makes it easy to keep your plants from getting soggy and your furniture from getting water stains.

Not ready for the big leagues?

No problem, partner. These little planters will take care of any of your small plants just starting out or new cuttings. Available in brown stoneware, white or granite or ribbed black.

We don't sell plants but our friends over at Synthesis have you covered for cacti!

Order online or stop by their shop in Shadyside to pick-out the perfect cacti for your planter.

Lighten the mood

We know this time of year can be stressful and there has been no shortage of concerns in 2020. But let's turn off Netflix for a while, grab a good book and cozy-up with Stone + Sparrow candles.

Don't have a fireplace? No problem. Our peg-leg candles are made with wooden wicks that snap, crackle, and pop to give you that fireside feel. Better still, the Amber Wood scent blends vanilla bean and musk that compliments the natural scent of the wood wicks. Anchored by notes of rich cedar, sandalwood and hints of smoke and citrus, it’s the best combo of gentle + warm.

USA made by us and poured with clean burning soy-coconut wax by Borealis Candle Co. right here in Pittsburgh's East End.

Table it

Family may not agree on everything around the dinner table, but everyone is sure to love these Cursive Candle accents that make any gathering more festive.

Don't know where to find the right size candles for these holders? Check-out Greentree Home Candles and Elizaville Beeswax for handmade thin tapers.

sock 2020 with these stuffers

If your family is like ours, stockings are really the main event. It's tough to get everyone something and not break the bank, especially if you have a big fam-bam.

Here are few things we'll be stuffing in our socks this year:

Deck the Ears

Ears, eaves...whatever. We're pulling out all the studs and the dangles this season to dress things up. We like to keep things simple but elegant when it comes to jewelry.

All of our styles are lightweight stoneware or porcelain to make sure we aren't weighing you down.

Shop all the minimalist jewelry styles in the Wearables section of our site >>

Without fail, my mother gives me a new mini spoon in my stocking (hi, mom!) and I always love them.

Our scoops are not quite "mini" but we love them all the same. A great addition to a coffee set, daily supplements, or used as a serving spoon. These go great with all things speckled, granite or graphite.

We'll also be tossing a few of these goodies in from other small business's:

($50) >>

No better way to wrap it up

Skip the wrapping paper and go full Furoshiki on your gifts this year. Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese method of fabric wrapping that originated in 710 B.C. While we're not wrapping temple treasures or kimonos (though we do recommend the bad-ass kimono-style jackets from Otto-Finn), we're still going through reams of wrapping paper every winter. We think there's a better way to wrap up 2020:

Desert Rise is the first in a series of S+S bandanas. Our bandana is a visual narrative of our origins in California, influences from the Tucson desert and the cycles of our growth over time. Shop the Desert Rise Bandana >>

How to Furoshiki:

wrap + Wash + wear

Machine washable, wearable and 100% USA made. Our bandanas are screen printed with a water-based ink that bleeds into the fabric so it never peels away. These bandanas will only get better with time. Use it as a hanky, face covering, or neckerchief.

cant decide? no problem.

Who doesn't like picking out exactly what they want anyway?

Give the the S+S Gift Card and let them decide when the time is right. Gift Cards are available starting at $20 and range up to $500 in store credit.

We hope you have enjoyed our Holiday Gift Guide. See you in 2021 for more editions on The Slab!

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